Universal 4.0 - MRFmultitools

Made in Ukraine. MOST functional ToolCard in the world

Credit Card Tools

Universal 4.0


 Universal 4.0 

Final and Top Universal MRF Multitools generation.

MRF Multitool Universal 4.0 credit card has 80+ tools onboard and it is the most functional and powerful credit card size multitool in the world.

It has a large set of screwdrivers, wrenches, drawing tools, bottle opener and can opener, tools for builders, mechanics and handyman.  

There are also unique features only MRF Multitools have - sundial, compass for both hemispheres, distance ruler, earth parallel meter, a moon phase calendar, survival axe and much more. 

Pictures and schemes in manual will easy help You to understand how Universal 4.0 works and why You should carry it every day and everywhere. 

Why You should test 4th generation of the Universal? 

Modular system with different KITs. You can expand the possibilities with different sets of additional tools (knives, wrenches, comb, pliers, screwdrivers etc.)

Tools & Functions

Pocket Knife

Knife is one tool but has great number of functions.

So there are several designs of blade shapes for Your choice. 


Tool KITs are easy and safe to insert and taking out.