Survival Tactical ADVENTURE 3.0 Credit Card Arrow Head AXE Multitool - MRFmultitools

Made in Ukraine. MOST functional ToolCard in the world



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Can man survive on his credit card alone? Yes, but only until the power goes out… then Adventur 3.0 Survival Multi Tool Credit Card Axe would actually be more valuable.

Adventur 3.0  Credit Card Multitool  was born after long 3+ years of designing, prototyping and testing in different conditions by our fans worldwide. We are so excited to present to You Adventur 3.0 - Survival Credit Card Multitool Axe with Arrow and 40+tools and even more functions. It fits any wallet (because it gas the same dimensions as a common credit card in Your pocket) and best for Every Day Carry.

Black Gun 440c Stainless Steel Adventur 3.0  Credit Card Multitool has the highest hardness-56-58HRC. Such hardness you usually find in better quality pocket knives and kitchen knives from Japan.Those knives remain sharp considerably longer than cheaper knives.
Titanium Adventur 3.0 Credit Card Multitool is the lightest version-only 39 gramm(1.4oz).

Lock System
Unique Lock System makes Arrow Head to stay tight inside multitool Adventur 3.0. It allows easy carry, handling and usage. The arrow is attached to the body firmly.

All Adventur 3.0 and arrows are sharp enough(not extremely) to use them from the box. So use wisely Your Adventur 3.0, its not a toy! 
Tools and Functions

Kit Assembly
Adventur 3.0 Handle transforms your Adventur 3.0 into сomfortable knife, small hatchet, national knife Indian Kukri and wrench driver. You may apply more torque and strength using a handle.
Adventur 3.0 Slingshot is silent, simple and lightweight, it makes a great addition to any bug out bag. 
The Kukri blade has a characteristic “falcon wing” profile with sharpening along the concave edge (that is, it is a knife with the so-called “reverse bend”). It is believed that the kukri is derived from the Greek Copis, which has a similar bend, and ended up in Nepal with the army of Alexander the Great in the IV century BC.