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Smart Ruler is a multi-functional credit card sized ruler that is designed to make measuring, sketching and carrying everywhere by everyone.

Our goal was to make a creative tool that was simple, elegant, functional, and easy to use. We wanted a tool that will be excellent mate for You at school, in cafe, repairing furniture or designing new engineering project.

Compare to traditional rulers, Smartruler allows more functions to be built on and Every Day Carry usage. You will find multiple functions as bottle and box opener, smartphone stand or headphones organizer.


All of us are different: we live in different countries, climates, we have different jobs and carry different clothes. So MRF Multitools Team decided to create Smartruler in Aluminum, 420c Stainless Steel and Titanium and in different colours. 

Aluminum Smartruler 2.1 is made of 6061 aluminum and is presented in 3 colours BLACK / BLUE / RED. Aluminium version is the lightest version in Smartruler line. 

420c stainless steel SMARTRULER is hardened and will be as hard as your pocket knife (because it is made of the same material and has the same hardness 45-48HRC. Stainless steel version is only 3.0 design and the only colour is polished steel. 

Brass Smartruler 2.1 classic colour, really looks cool in sunny day

Titanium Smartruler 2.1 and 3.0 versions. Light and sturdy, in different colours made of space material that is used in autosport, spaceship building.

Light almost as aluminum version (only 28 gramm), strong as stainless steel Smartruler. All lines and numbers pour into the sun. 




Package and manual 

Every Smartruler version and material comes in its own package and has very detailed manual with many pictures, diagrams and explanations, so there will be no problem to use from kid to professional engineer and can be a good present for everyone.



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